Why Manitoba is a great choice for Canada immigrants?

The year 2018, marks 20 years of pioneering provincial nomination program(PNP) for Manitoba Province in which 1,30,000 immigrants have been welcomed since 1998. The province of Manitoba is a favorable province for immigration as it has a stable economy and multiple immigration opportunities. The immigration program of Manitoba is called Manitoba Immigration Nominee Program (MINP) – 2018 and the candidates can successfully immigrate to Canada through this program.

What is Manitoba Immigration Nominee Program (MINP)?

Manitoba Immigration Nominee Program (MINP) selects candidates as per the needs and demands of the Manitoba employer. The province selects educated and trained employees as per the requirement of skills needed in the labor market. There are two main streams for immigration to Manitoba – Skilled Workers in Manitoba and Skilled Workers Overseas.

MPNP Skilled Workers – The immigration under this stream is subjected to the demands of the provinces and employers in Manitoba. Under this stream, the skilled workers are selected for provincial nomination. This skilled workers stream is of two types – In Manitoba and Overseas.

Eligibility criteria for Skilled Workers in Manitoba:

  • Have a permanent and full-time job offer from an employer in Manitoba
  • Should have worked for 6 months continuously under a Manitoba employer
  • Have a genuine work permit
  • Have all the training and qualification for a licensed job
  • Required proficiency in the English or French language
  • Have adequate Settlement fund
  • Have a Manitoba connection via employment

Eligibility for Skilled Workers Overseas:

  • A minimum of 60 points on a 100-point grid
  • A recognized connection to Manitoba through the support of a family or friend.

Manitoba Immigration PNP Points Calculator 2018?

Apart from these, there is also Business Investor stream which will replace the PNP – B Business Immigration category. Through BIS, the Manitoba government can nominate and recruit qualified business investors and entrepreneurs from around the world. In this the applicants are no longer asked to submit a deposit of 100000 $ CAD to the Manitoba Government and there are two pathways to qualify in this stream –

  • The Entrepreneur pathways: This is for applicants who are planning to open a business in Manitoba
  • The Farm Investor pathways: This is for applicants who intend to open and operate a farm in rural Manitoba.

Documents Required For MANITOBA Immigration Nominee Program?

Who are not eligible for Manitoba Immigration nominee program(MINP)?

Although the Manitoba province is very open about admitting people to Canada. There are some restrictions as to who can apply to Manitoba and who cannot. The people who cannot apply to the province of Manitoba are –

  • Refugees and the people who are involved in federal removal process.
  • The people who are in live-in caregivers in Canada
  • Temporary foreign workers who are currently and working in any other province than in Manitoba
  • The spouses of Canadian Citizens or permanent residents
  • The candidates who had refused the MPNP in the last six months and have not provided a reason for refusal
  • The candidates who immigration application is in the process in any other province.


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