What Makes Australia Best Choice For Immigration For Indians in 2019?

Australia best choice for immigration for Indians

Australian Immigration is world renowned for its transparency and simple process. Besides all the scenic variety in the country, the culture of this country is also a blend of multi-ethnic backgrounds because of the diversity in the country’s population. Its big cities like Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, etc provide the immigrants especially Indians with some great opportunities for employment and better career growth opportunities.

In this article we will be discussing the following topics:

Why Indians choose Australia?

Main reasons that make Australia the topmost priority for Indians to settle as permanent residents in 2019 are as follows:

  • Career Opportunities: Because of the exponential growth in the Australian economy, there is a rapid growth in a number of industries being established in the country. To keep up with the requirement of skilled labor, Australia is looking for the required skills in immigrants from around the world.
  • High Standard of life: With low population level, low pollution and plenty of fresh air to go along with, Australia provides its residents with some great natural landscapes that help people make this country their first choice for living
  • World-class healthcare system: Australian health care system is world famous as it covers the hospitalization and medical payments of its residents in the publicly funded hospitals.
  • Education System: Australian education has a world ranking of 8th for the best-in-class educational system
  • Security: The country down under has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. The community-minded population of Australian people makes Australia the safest place to live in.
  • Job opportunities: Talking about the current minimum wage in Australia, it stands at $18.29 AUD per hour or that comes approximately to $694.50 AUD per week. If the occupation of the immigrants is on the skill list, it is more than likely that the applicant will earn more than in any other country

Which is the best immigration pathway to Australia?

Depending on the motive of the immigrant for moving to Australia, there are several ways one can choose to take to immigrate to Australia. Following are the immigration pathway that you can take to migrate to Australia:

  • Student Visa:
    When it comes to education, it is the third biggest export of Australia besides mining and agriculture. Looking at the statistics of New.com.au, there are more than 320,000 students from across 130 countries around the world. After their study, many students go for permanent residency in the country.
  • Work-Related path:
    If an immigrant is a skilled worker and has work experience in a field of work that is required in the Australian labor market, then one must look into ANZSCO’s skilled migration occupation list and check their eligibility to migrate to Australia. Under this path, there are different types of visas like Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189), Skilled Nomination Visa (Subclass 190), Skilled Regional Visa (Subclass 887), etc.
  • Family/Partner Visa:
    For to be eligible under this path, the candidate is required to either have an Australian partner (Spouse or in a relationship) OR must have a family member that is willing to sponsor the application of the immigrant.
  • Working Holiday Visa:
    This immigration pathway is for the immigrants between the age group of 18 to 30 years, who are willing to spend 12 months in the country. During their stay in the country, the immigrant can either work, travel or can do both. The main benefits of this visa, it allows its holder to gain the Australian work experience that can help the candidate to apply under the work-related option as discussed before.
  • Business Visa:
    Australia is a country that is laden with business opportunities. If the immigrant is looking to grasp the opportunity for running their own business in the country this is the immigration pathway to go for. This pathway is opened for startup founder or businessmen who are able to raise/receive funds of $1 million AUD from any Australian venture capital firms (VCs)

The entire above-mentioned pathway approximately sums up the entire immigration pathway one can choose from in order to move to Australia from India. Having these many choices and to know which the best one for you is, can be a very confusing and hectic task. That is why here at Nationwide Visa, we have a team of experienced immigration consultants that can help you to strategize your immigration plan and help you move to Australia via the best immigration pathway for you.

What is Australia Immigration Subclass 189?

Australia immigration is points based immigration process that helps them to select with the higher capabilities and the skill sets that are required in the local labor market. Now, this type of visa is for the skilled immigrants who are not sponsored either by an employer, state or territory, or a family member. Subclass 189 is an Australian PR Visa that allows its holder to live and work anywhere in the country with all the work rights. To be able to submit the application for Australia Skilled Independent Subclass 189 visa, the applicant is first required to submit their Expression of Interest via the Skill Select program.

Following are the application requirements that needed to be fulfilled in order to get an invitation to apply:

  • Need to have work experience in a nominated occupation that is mentioned on Australia’s Skilled Occupation list
  • The candidate is required to have their credentials being assessed by a relevant assessing authority
  • Need to submit their Expression of Interest (EOI)
  • The candidate is required to be in the age group of between 18 to 50 years when the invitation is issued
  • The candidate is required to meet the general skilled migration requirement that includes English language proficiency, health, and character checks.
  • Candidate has to score a minimum of 65 points in the point assessment grid

Candidate can also include their following family members in their application:

  • Partner
  • Their or partner’s dependent child
  • Their or partner’s dependent relative

Australia Skilled Independent Subclass 189 visa is subjected to priority processing arrangements. This allows the Australian government to consider the order of application assessment regardless of their submission order. Some of the major benefits of Subclass 189 visa are as follows:

  • Live and work or study permanently in the country
  • Can enroll in Australia’s health care system – Medicare
  • Can access certain social security payments
  • After a certain period of time can apply for Australian citizenship
  • Can sponsor the application of their family members

Contact the best immigration consultant – Nationwide Visas and make your dream come to true and move to the country down under.

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