What are the reasons behind rejection of the Canada Permanent Residency(PR) status?

Canada is one of the most prolific countries to migrate to with high standard of living, good infrastructure and one of the best medical and health facilities available in the world. It is the dreamland of most of the people and provides lucrative opportunities to settle with the family. There are social programs, which can make the stay in Canada highly favorable for elderly and children and the growth prospects in the professional arena for the skilled candidates are also infinite.

If you are planning to settle in Canada then the best way to migrate to Canada is with the Permanent Residency(PR) status of Canada which comes attached with numerous social and cultural benefits of free healthcare, free education and the right to live, study and work in Canada among various other benefits.


Why are there problems with respect to attaining the Permanent Residency(PR) status of Canada?

The procedure for immigrating to Canada is fairly easy and simple but sometimes there are encumbrance due to which the application of the candidate gets rejected. In that case the candidate needs to be vigilant and undertake the correct measures so that the application doesn’t get rejected and the chance of immigrating to Canada is not lost even before the initial steps are taken by the candidate.

The common reasons for rejection of the application of the candidate are –

  • The incomplete filling of the Permanent Residency(PR) status application.
  • Due to lack of complete knowledge, filling in wrong details in the form.
  • Due to lack of updated knowledge, not filing the form as per the latest rules and guidelines
  • Sometimes the legal language is difficult for the layman to understand and they might commit an error due to false understanding.
  • The late submission of the form because of inability to be aware of the update timeline for form submission.

However, a candidate should not lose hope as there are steps that can be taken and a hassle free immigration to Canada can be achieved.

Some of the steps which need to be taken to avoid the rejection of the application are:

  • The first step in this regard is to hire a good and reputable immigration service
  • Keep in touch with the representation hired to be aware of latest timeline
  • Be honest with your immigration consultancy to help them fill the correct details in your form
  • Always trust the representation that is hired from your end.


The online filing of the Permanent Residency(PR) status of Canada has made it easier for the candidates to hire an immigration consultancy service as the primary concerns now for the candidate can be track record and the additional services offered to the clients. After a proper research of the past performance only a good Immigration service should be hired. Remember it is the quality that matters in the end. Hence, secondary issues like fee structure and geographical favorability of the immigration consultancy office should not be paid much attention towards while selection. A good immigration service can be from anywhere in the world.

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