Provincial Nomination ITAs on an Upsurge with the Latest Trend in Express Entry Draws

Provincial Nomination ITAs on an upsurge

Latest draws shows an upward trend for Invitation to Apply (ITA) given to the candidates in express pool with a provincial nomination. 62,500 express entry candidates invited for permanent residence between January and September, 12 per cent of them which estimated around to 7,500 had a provincial nomination. In comparison to the previous year when this percent stands around 9 shows the increment of 3 per cent and the IRCC’s new policy to increase the highly skilled immigrants to fill the gap of labor in the provincial markets.

Things to know about Provincial Nomination Program?

Provincial nomination program is an immigration program for provinces to nominate highly skilled immigrants to live and work in the province and help in the development of the economy of the province. Via this program provinces are able to meet the demand of the labor in their local markets. Every province in Canada has their own provincial nomination program and has different requirement and criteria based on the demands in the province.

Ways to apply for provincial nomination program

There are two ways to apply for provincial nomination. First is via directly approaching the immigration office of the respective province. Candidate needs to create a profile in the province immigration website and submit all their credentials. Their profile is evaluated based on various eligibility factors of the provinces’ nomination program. If the candidate is able to land a provincial nomination then they have to create a profile in federal government’s express entry program and show their nomination there.

Second way is via the federal government’s express entry program. Every province has a sub-category for the candidates applying via express entry program. A candidate needs to create an express profile and then they have to show an Expression of Interest (EOI) and select the province they want to settle in. Then candidates profile is sent to the immigration office of the selected province. Then the profile of the candidate is evaluated by the province’s office and is selected for provincial nomination program.

Once the candidate gets a provincial nomination, they are awarded with 600 CRS points. This many points make sure that candidate get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) and apply for permanent residence visa to the Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Some of the major Provincial nomination programs (PNPs) in Canada are as follows:

Candidates can choose any of the provincial nomination program to apply under which is best suited for their skill set. They just need to meet the demands on the provinces nomination program.

For more information on provincial nomination program, visit: Canada PNP Visas Program

Growth rate for PNPs ITA

With more ITAs given to candidates who have provincial nomination because of decrease in minimum cut-off set at 445, and points awarded for provincial nomination are 600 points there is an upward trend and exponential growth in ITAs.

Canadian government’s new multi-year immigration levels plan has invited PNPs set to rise by 6,000 next year to 61,000. By 2021, target is set for to reach 71,300 that is an increase of 30 per cent from 2018’s target of 55,000.

IRCC has reported that 34% of economic immigrants arriving in Canada for year 2017 were living outside Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec. Similar trends show that most immigrants remain where they first settle, independent of whether it’s a large city or outside zone.

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