Province of Manitoba Nominated Maximum Number of Indian Citizens Under MPNP for the Year 2018

Manitoba PNP

The year 2018 was one of the successful years for the Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program (MPNP), with a total 5,207 nominations issued. Manitoba PNP has following streams that allow them to nominate the immigrants based on the requirements of the province:

  • Skilled Workers in Manitoba
  • Skilled Worker Overseas
  • Business Investor Stream

2018 sees the 98% of total invitations that is 5,119 invitations issued, going to candidates who have registered for the provincial nomination by Skilled Workers in Manitoba and Skilled Worker Overseas. Other remaining 88 nominations were given to the candidates who have applied under Manitoba’s Business Investor Stream.

Manitoba has a special agreement with the Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that allows them to nominate the skilled and capable immigrants for permanent residency in the province that will help in the economical development. MPNP is one of the oldest PNP’s marking its 20th year in operation in 2018 and inviting a total of 130,000 immigrants for permanent residency.

Provincial Nomination distribution for Manitoba’s skilled worker categories

As discussed above, there are two sub-streams that allow Manitoba’s Immigration office to invite the skilled immigrants into province: Skilled Worker in Manitoba and Skilled Worker Overseas.

Distributions of the invitations to these both categories are as follows:

  • Skilled Worker In Manitoba – 3,399 invitations (65 percent of total invitations issued)
  • Skilled Worker Overseas – 1,720 invitations (33 percent of total invitations issued)

Express entry candidates were also invited as it allows only the skilled immigrants to enter the express pool. Express entry is a point-based program that manages the profile of the candidates who have registered under Canada’s three skilled economic programs – Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) and Canadian Experience Class (CEC). Total 535 express entry registered candidates were invited.

MPNP have a stream that is linked with the federal government’s express entry program that allows express entry candidate to apply for provincial nomination. On successfully landing the provincial nomination, 600 CRS points are awarded to the express entry candidates who are having the work experience in an occupation that is in-demand in Manitoba province among other criteria.

In order to apply as a skilled worker, candidates first have to register for MPNP via the Expression of Interest (EOI) system and create a profile in MPNP. Profiles of the candidates are then awarded points based on the factors like educational qualifications, work experience, age, language proficiency etc. Profiles with the highest score are ranked highest in the ranking system. Highest ranked profiles have then issued the Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA) via which they are able to apply for provincial nominations. Statistics released by MPNP shows that 26,443 immigrants submitted their profile under expression of Interest (EOI) system and a total of 7,950 LAAs were issued.

Other major statistics released by the MPNPs are as follows:

  • Skilled Worker in Manitoba Application approved: 98%
  • Skilled Worker Overseas applications approved: 90%
  • Percentage of nominees without a job or job offer in Manitoba: 21%
  • Top country of citizenship for nominees: India
  • Top skill type for nominees: 6 – Sales and Service
  • Processing time for Skilled Worker in Manitoba applications: 2.8 months
  • Processing time for Skilled Worker Overseas applications: 3 months
  • Nominees with a Manitoba post-secondary degree: 1,292

Indian Citizens leads the Manitoba’s provincial nomination in 2018

2018 sees the majority of provincial nominations issued to the Indians by the Manitoba’s immigration office under the Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program (MPNP). A total of 1,780 invitations were issued to the Indians that are around 34.2 percent of the total invitations issued. It is an increment of approximately 3.2% from 2017’s 34.2% invitations given to the Indians.

When categorizing the number of invitations issued by the professions by the MPNP, Sales and Service sector holds the majority of invitations. Total 1,885 invitations were issued to the immigrants having work experience in Sales and Service.

Job Scenario in the Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program

Out of 5,119 skilled worker candidates who have issued the invitation under MPNP, 4,101 immigrants had a job offer from the employer of Manitoba province. It is a total increase of 51.2% from the previous year 2017.

For the education scenario under Manitoba province, it sees MPNP create a record in 2018 for the number of immigrants who have completed post-secondary studies in the province, with 1,923 immigrants. For the international graduates who are looking to apply for provincial nomination under MPNP there is substream that allows them to do the same if they have the skills that are required by the employers of the province. International Education Stream provides them the immigration pathway to do the same. There are also three pathways – Career Employment Pathway, Graduate Internship Pathway, and Student Entrepreneur Pathway.

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