On 10 September, Quebec Immigrant Investor program issued 1900 applications

The province of Quebec has invited new applications through Quebec Immigrants Investor Program and a total number of 1900 applications are invited I this new intake program which will run till March 15, 2019.

Through this program, a maximum number if 1235 applications will be invited from China which will include the immigrants from Hong Kong and Macau.

It is the only program which will allow the immigrants to obtain Permanent Residency (PR) status through the passive investment. The candidates will be required to make an investment in Quebec for a five-year term only.  The eligibility criteria or this program got modified on August 2nd 2018 and the net assets and investment requirement from the candidate for this category changed from 2 million $ CAD to 1.2 million $ CAD. This investment of 1.2 million $ CAD will be returned to the candidate in full by the Quebec government after five years.

Remember apart from everything there is an eligibility criterion which needs to be met by the candidate and all the candidates are required to meet the passing score under the Quebec point system.


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