Manitoba PNP in an Overdrive, 6000+ Applicants Have Received Invitations This Year

Manitoba PNP in an Overdrive

The Canadian province of Manitoba continues to define and shape the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) run in the country.

While its PNP enjoys widespread popularity and acceptance by the applicants, the province also issues an increasing figure of Invitations to Apply (ITA) for Permanent Residence (PR) in the nation, to those who choose the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (M-PNP) route for the purpose.

A new report based on the latest draw conducted on September 12 by the MPNP underlines the truth when it says that it sent invites to 347 skilled foreign workers and international graduates to apply for a provincial nomination for PR in the country.

Till date, and in less than a month, the M-PNP has offered 700+ Letters of Advice to Apply (LAAs), through its Skilled Worker in Manitoba and Skilled Worker Overseas categories and its International Education Stream.

This year and hitherto the MPNP has offered an impressive number of 6,157 LAAs via the three stated immigration corridors.

Express Entry Invitations

Out of the total of the 347 invitations offered on September 12, the MPNP sent 45 invitations to those with a profile in the federal Express Entry (EE) system.

For those not tuned in, EE manages the pool of applicants for the nation’s three Federal High Skilled economic immigration categories:

  1. The Federal Skilled Worker Class
  2. The Federal Skilled Trades Class
  3. The Canadian Experience Class.

Those in the EE Pool, who receive a provincial nomination, get an extra 600 points toward their Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score and are preferred for an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for PR in the nation.

To get a provincial nomination for PR in Canada from the province, the applicants using the EE path must have eligible work experience in a profession that’s listed as in-demand by the MPNP, besides meeting other requirements.

Skilled Worker in Manitoba

In the September 12 draw, a total of 254 LAAs were offered to the applicants in the Skilled Worker in the Manitoba Category.

The category proffers a corridor to PR for those impermanent foreign workers and international student graduates who:

  1. Are doing a job in the province
  2. Have a qualified offer of a full-time, permanent job from their recruiter
  3. Fulfill other requirements.

The Process

Like Express Entry, the province’s skilled worker categories follow an Expression of Interest (EOI) model.

With a view to being considered for a Letter of Advice to Apply, you have to make an online profile, and share the needed details involving your education, employment experience and ability in English or French, etc.

If you are a qualified applicant, your profile will fetch a score out of 1,000, and it will be afterward put in the MPNP’s EOI pool.

Reportedly, the cut-off score for getting an invite in the draw in question was 545.

Skilled Worker Overseas

The MPNP offered an additional 53 LAAs via its Skilled Worker Overseas Category.

Every applicant received an invite directly through a Strategic Recruitment Initiative, which may cover overseas recruitment missions carried-out by the MPNP with Manitoba recruiters.

Reportedly, the cut-off score for getting an invite in the draw in question was 706.

International Education Stream (IES)

It’s meant for those Manitoba graduates who have the abilities needed to meet the province’s labor market requirements.

The IES has three subcategories:

  1. Career Employment Pathway
  2. Graduate Internship Pathway
  3. Student Entrepreneur Pathway.

Reportedly, in the September 12 draw, the MPNP provided 40 LAAs to as many successful IES applicants.

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