How to Migrate Canada, If You Are Pregnant

How to migrate Canada if you are pregnant

Life at times takes unexpected turns and there might arise situations which have to balance and moderately handled. Pregnancy is a beautiful period for any women, it is a blessing from above which cannot be expressed in words. Being pregnant however, doesn’t mean that you stop living or stop being yourself. It just means that you are now responsible for two lives – your own and also for your child.

Thus, there are many pregnant women who would like to migrate to Canada irrespective of the fact that they are pregnant and would like to go ahead with the plan of immigrating to Canada rather than postpone the decision. The inhibitions on the part of the candidate or their family members are understandable at the time of pregnancy as they might worry about the risk involved. But, honestly, if you have a normal pregnancy then there are no issues in travelling while pregnant. The candidate can travel to Canada anytime during the pregnancy but as per the IRCC (Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada) rules and guidelines for travelling to Canada states that travelling after the eight month is prohibited. But, otherwise also, when it comes to travelling with a baby bump, it is safe to consult your doctor in advance and get your medical records in place and a healthcare provider should be consulted six weeks prior to the intended date of travel.


What is the take of the IRCC on immigration of a pregnant lady?

The recommendations for the safest time to travel to Canada for a pregnant woman is between the 18th to the 24th week of pregnancy. IRCC (Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada) is flexible when it comes to pregnant candidates migrating to Canada but draws the line when the eight month crosses. Hence, it is good to expedite the process and migrate before you step into your eight month of being pregnant.

Remember, that nearly all the airlines as well restrict the travel of a pregnant woman in late pregnancy and they would require to see a certificate from a licensed medical practitioner. If you are pregnant then you are more susceptible to developing blood clots thus airlines allow the pregnant women to even walk around a bit in the aircraft while travelling.


What are the things the candidate can keep in mind while travelling pregnant?

Note that, baring the timeline, the decision to immigrate should be must be confirmed with a health care provider and the medical records should be ready at all times. It is only when the doctor gives you a green flag then only you can immigrate without any hassle. Also, as a smart candidate you should plan ahead about the destination of travel, while Canada is a very advanced country so you will not face any problems but it’s good to research about the medical conditions and the available medical care in the transit just to be sure of your and your child’s welfare. Having a travel health insurance can be of great help to such candidates and should not be ignored by the candidate in any form. There are many policies which do not cover pregnancy-related conditions in transit, especially so all that needs be properly arranged before the travel happens.

One of the basic steps of protecting your baby while being pregnant is taking proper vaccinations and medicines as recommended by the doctor. While travelling your vaccination chart and medical records should be with you at all times and your personal health, distance, destination and present risk involved all should be taken into consideration by the doctor.

In some cases, if the doctors have contacts abroad they can also refer their patients to the other doctors in other countries, so talk to your doctor in this regard as well. For contagious diseases like Malaria, proper vaccination and medication should be taken at the right time otherwise it can affect the mother and the child gravely.


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