How to obtain citizenship if your parent is a Canadian citizen

Settling in Canada as a permanent resident is a dream shared by many around the world. There are pathways such as the Canada Express Entry program and PNP that people can follow to get Canada PR as skilled workers or entrepreneurs. However, these often take 6-8 months for processing of applications. Apart from that, applicants have to meet the eligibility criteria and submit a list of documents to be considered for Canada PR.

There is a great shortcut for eligible candidates who do not want to follow the Canadian immigration process. People who have at least one Canadian parent can easily become Canadian citizens. This option is particularly beneficial in these difficult times of COVID-19 pandemic when there is no clarity when Canada PR applications will be open. There must be many people out there who are naturally Canadian citizens by virtue of having a Canadian parent. They just need to follow the relevant process to secure Canadian citizenship.

Bypass permanent residence requirements

To benefit from this method, an application called “Proof of Citizenship” has to be submitted. All that an applicant has to do, is to submit proof with their application that they have a parent who a  citizen. This effectively means that an applicant who was born outside Canada and has never been to the country can still be a Canadian citizen. This no doubt is an amazing method that saves an individual the hassles associated with obtaining Canada PR which anyway is only a step towards becoming a Canadian citizen.

This process as you can understand provides an expedited route allowing an individual to enjoy the benefits of Canadian citizenship. However, citizenship isn’t granted that easily through this route. It usually involves close scrutiny of information and documentation provided. This is done to ensure that only eligible applicants with valid documents are granted Canadian citizenship.

Various factors considered while evaluating applications

It is important to be mindful of the fact that just because an individual has a parent who is a Canadian citizen, does not mean that the individual will be eligible to apply for Proof of Citizenship. Factors that are considered at this stage are:

  • The process through which the parent(s) secured Canadian citizenship.
  • The time when the parent(s) became a Canadian citizen.

Sometimes, this application process may not be as straightforward as it looks. This can happen when the appropriate paperwork is not submitted. In such a case, applicants can always seek professional help. Disruptions in this process are likely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but IRCC hasn’t announced any yet, which means eligible candidates can still and should start the process at the earliest.

Tips for submitting an application

  1. Confirm eligibility: Sometimes, there can be uncertainties with respect to an individual’s eligibility for this process. Therefore, one must carefully establish their eligibility for proof of citizenship before submitting an application. This can help an individual avoid wastage of time and application fees, apart from having false hopes.
  2. Correct documentation: It is extremely important to collect and submit the correct documents in the appropriate format to ensure the success of an application, especially those concerned with conferring a status in Canada. There are a number of documents that can be used for proof of eligibility applications. IRCC provides necessary guidelines with respect to the documents required and it’s important for an applicant to follow these guidelines. An applicant’s birth certificate is a key document in this process, along with proof that one of their parents was a Canadian citizen at the time of the applicant’s birth.
  3. Correct submission of the application: Different methods of submission may need to be followed for different types of applications. An applicant must follow the correct method for the smooth processing of their application. For example, certain applications may be submitted at the border, while others may be required to be submitted online or by mail. It is important to establish how and where you will need to submit your application to avoid any issues later.

When in doubt about the process, it will be best for an applicant to consult a qualified Canadian immigration attorney in order to become a Canadian citizen through this process.

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