How to Get Selected for PNP Through the Ontario Nomination Program

Ontario Provincial Nomination Program

Ontario is the most populous province in Canada. It is home to nearly 40% of Canada’s population. As a leading immigration destination within Canada, it offers great employment opportunities.

Almost everyone who wants to immigrate to Canada prefers moving to Ontario. That is why Ontario’s nomination program has three streams dedicated to Express Entry.

Aside from that, Ontario also has an occupation in demand stream which serves as its primary PNP stream. But Ontario does not accept direct applications for its PNP program. Instead, it makes its own selections from Express Entry profiles.

This makes Ontario unique among all other Canada immigration provinces and also one where you can only get selected if you file the right kind of Express Entry profile. Do you want to get selected for Canada immigration via Ontario PNP? Then contact our Canada immigration experts so that we can help you make the ideal Express Entry profile.

Now, let us tell you some details about OINP that will help you understand the selection process better.

What is the Basic Eligibility Requirement for OINP Selection?

The Ontario Immigration Nomination Program has an occupation in demand stream for which it selects candidates on the basis of specific requirements. These requirements keep changing regularly so consulting our Ontario immigration specialists is the best way to know the current details. The following is a general list of requirements that must be met:

  1. The Applicant Must Have a Score Around 380 CRS Points

    Until recently, Ontario did not consider any candidate who had a CRS lower than 400 CRS points for OINP nomination. However, this has been changed recently and now even Express Entry profiles with CRS scores as low as 360 are being considered. The main reason behind this lowering of requirements is the growing demand in Ontario for skilled workers. The province needs professionals for the specific jobs and so, it is willing to lower requirements if other important criteria are met.

  2. In-Demand Occupations

    The biggest factor for consideration in Ontario PNP is the requirement of specific skills as required in the labor market. The actual name of the stream is Human Capital Priorities and it works for immigration without a job offer. However, the biggest consideration is that no applications are entertained by Ontario immigration authorities for this stream. Even if your job is in demand in Ontario as per their latest list, you cannot apply for the immigration. Rather, you will need to change your Express Entry profile such that you are noticed by them.

  3. Application Cost

    This is another major consideration for those who are considering Ontario PNP. Since Ontario is such a popular province for immigration, it also charges a massive evaluation fee for its PNP. At present, the cost for processing the PNP nomination is at CAD1500. This converts to approximately Rs. 80,000. However, this can change at any time and so, you should consult our Ontario immigration experts before making any move.

The positive side of this fee is that you only need to pay this if the province sends you an Expression of Interest document. This document is sent by Ontario only to those Express Entry profiles which it considers best fit its current requirements. Also, once you have paid the fees, your PNP nomination is virtually guaranteed. So, you can sit back and let our immigration consultants help you prepare for your nomination and eventual immigration to Canada.

How Can Your Express Entry Profile Be Improved to Attract the Attention of Ontario Immigration?

Every Express Entry profile which gets selected for EOI by OINP has some specific values that they are looking for. Only if you have knowledge of the ground situation in the province can you change your profile such that your profile gets the required attention. We can help you get that EOI as quickly as possible.

Nationwide Immigration’s Ontario Immigration specialists have intimate knowledge of what is in demand in Canada, the competition to fulfill the skill gap and where you can fit in. Let us help you create the ideal profile for OINP selection.

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