How much does it cost to apply for a Canada PR Visa in 2021?

Whenever Indians think of immigrating to Canada, having a Canada PR visa is the b so. Having a Canada PR visa allows its holder to live and work anywhere in Canada for five years. With this there are also some other major benefits of a PR visa: access to the subsidized education, no tax on income earned outside of Canada, can avail of free healthcare system after a certain amount of time can apply for Canadian citizenship, etc. The cost of moving to Canada depends on the type of visas immigrant wants to apply for. Via the requirement of the type of visa, candidates can apply under the different types of immigration programs. 

What are the main programs to apply for Canada PR for Indians?

The Canadian government has the following program via which immigrants can apply for PR visa – Express entry program, Provincial Nomination Program (PNP), Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP), Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP), Family sponsorship program, etc. All these programs have different requirements and allow the immigrants with different skill-sets to apply for PR visas also depending on the requirement of the applicant. The fastest way to apply for a PR visa is via the Express entry program that manages the profiles of the candidates who have applied under the skilled economic programs: Skilled Worker Program (Federal), Skilled Trades Program (Federal), and Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

What are Canada PR visa fees via the express entry program?

Canada PR visa fees are mainly of two types: Fixed fees and Variable fees. Fixed fees include processing fees, Right of permanent residence fees (RPRF), IELTS examination fees, etc. For variable fees, it includes medical examination, Police clearance certificates, etc. Following is the fees for the candidates who have applied under the express entry program:

  • Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) fees: $227 – CAD 322
  • Application processing fees: CAD 825
  • Right of permanent residence fees: CAD 500
  • For each dependent child: CAD 225
  • IELTS examination fees: INR 14,000 whether a paper-based test or Computer-delivered test 
  • Biometric fees (per person): CAD 85

Other than this, candidates who have applied without a job-offer have to show some proof of funds to show that they will be able to support themselves and accompanying family members for their move to Canada. Proof of funds or settlement funds depends on the accompanying family members. The following table will show how the proofs of funds are required:

Number of Family Members Funds Required (In-CAD)
1 $12,960
2 $16,135
3 $19,836
4 $24,083
5 $27,315
6 $30,806
7 $34,299
For each additional family member $3,492


Candidates have to show these proofs of funds in bank statements, Credit card statements, etc. Details should be printed on the financial institution’s letterhead and duly signed by the authorities. 

How much to pay for a Canada PR visa by Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP)?

Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) allows the provinces (except Quebec) and territories in Canada to nominate the skilled and capable immigrants for permanent residence in the respective provinces/territories. Every PNP has different requirements depending on the local labor market demands. Application processing fees for every PNP is also different. Some of the major provincial nomination program and fees (that includes key charges and documents procurement fees) are as follows:

  • Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP): CAD 300
  • Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP): CAD 1500

As in the case of the express entry program, PNPs also have the same fees for application processing fees: CAD 550 and Right of Permanent Residence Fees (RPRF): CAD 490. 

What are the fees for temporary residence in Canada for Indians?

For Indians who are looking to move to Canada only temporarily, the Canadian government also provides the immigration pathway to do the same whether the reason for moving to Canada is for education, visiting or temporary resident, etc. In these cases there are certain types of visas, Indians can apply for. These visas and their processing fees are as follows:

  • International Experience Canada: $150 CAD
  • Study Permit: $150 CAD (including extensions)
  • Temporary resident permit: $200 CAD
  • Visitor Visa (includes Super Visa): $100 CAD
  • Work Permits: CAD 155

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