How Low the Comprehensive Ranking System Score will reach in the year 2018?

Comprehensive Ranking System Score

The best way to immigrate to Canada is through the Permanent Residency(PR) status of Canada. It is allotted for the five-year term and is a family visa with benefits which are very similar to the Canadian citizen rights. The Permanent Residency(PR) status is allotted to the immigrants with the advantages of free healthcare, free education and the right to live, study, work and travel anywhere in Canada.

For immigration to Canada with the Permanent residency(PR) status, Express Entry program is the fastest and simplest way to immigrate. The points under the Express Entry program are calculated through two ways – Comprehensive Ranking System(CRS) score and Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP).

How does the calculation of points under the Comprehensive Ranking System(CRS) happen?

Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score is a tool that is used to calculate the points of the candidate in which the total marking is done out of 1200 points and the minimum Comprehensive Ranking System(CRS) score which is required for selection is decided by the IRCC (Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada) and announced through the Express Entry draws which are released generally after every 15 days gap. The points of the candidate are calculated based on the Human Core Capital in which the points are in total of the primary candidates and his spouse credentials, skill transferability and Bonus points in which there are points for provincial nomination, education or work experience in Canada.

On the other hand, Federal Skilled workers program of Express Entry program has its own eligibility criteria in which selection is done out of 100 and all those candidates who secure 67 points or above are considered fit to apply for the Permanent Residency(PR) status.

What are the recent updates with respect to the Comprehensive Ranking System(CRS) in 2018?

In the recent times, Canada has seen influx of immigrants which is expected to increase in the coming years and all thanks to the lenient immigration laws and policies of the Canadian government. The year 2018 will see a substantial increase in the immigration number and it will be a sensational year.

Canada Immigration Plan 2018 – 2020 has stated that Government if Canada is looking for 9,80,000 new Permanent Residency(PR) status holders by the end of 2020. Hence, in order to reach its target in 2018 (which is 3,10,000) the IRCC (Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada) has issued 3750 invites for consecutive four times in 2018 Express Entry Draws so far with the score gone as low as 441 points in the latest draws of 25th July, 2018. With this data in hand, it can easily be speculated that the government of Canada might reduce the score further by the end of the year 2018 to invite more applications and complete their target immigration. But please remember, that all this is just a speculation and nobody in advance can determine the cut-offs that will be announced by the IRCC (Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada).

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