How can a business man settle in Canada?

Canada PR for Businessman

Canada has one of the most flourishing economies in the world. It has good standard of living, high quality of life, professional emancipation and good education and healthcare systems for all. The best part of immigration to Canada is that it is one of the few first world countries which offers lenient immigration policies to the aspirants. The candidates can immigrate to Canada hassle free as the process has also been made easier and convenient than before all thanks to the online filing of the applications.


Why should a businessman immigrate to Canada?

If you are a businessman than you have a very good chance of settling in Canada with your family and as per the Forbes magazine Canada is the best country in G 20 to do business with. It has the strongest fiscal policy in G 7 and among the best fiscal prospects in the G 20. Further, Canada offers a low cost and low tax environment for all sort of businesses to thrive. The overall tax rate on new business investment is lower than other G 7 countries. The KPMG also ranks Canada as the most competitive country in G 7. Thus, if you are a businessman and you are planning to immigrate to Canada, then there will be nothing else but good news for you after immigration.

But, in order to settle in Canada as a businessman, it is very important that you meet all the requirements of immigration. You can also immigrate to Canada as an investor in which you will have to show that you have sufficient funds to invest in Canada and you can help generate jobs and economically help the country in its growth.

Some of the visa options for a businessman for Canada immigration are – Startup Visa Program, Quebec Immigrant Investor Program, Immigrant Investor Program, Canada Business Visa for Investors and Entrepreneurs and Self-Employed.


What is the eligibility for the Start-up visa program?

Every year Canada welcomes thousands of entrepreneurs who have exquisite business skills and innovative ideas.

For a start-up visa program, the first step will be to find a Canadian employer who will be ready to join your business. For this, you need to attach a letter of support (from that designated organization) along with your application. Then your application will be assessed by the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) for a potential business in Canada.

The candidate who is applying for this visa should be proficient in any of the two official languages of Canada – English or French and score of the test score needs to be submitted along with details of age, education, experience, medical and character certificate along with proof of appropriate fund to support your life in Canada and start a business.


What are the things that should be kept in mind in order to come to Canada as a self-employed person?

Some of the things that are mandatory requirement for a self-employed person in Canada are:

  • Canada should be at least 18 years of age
  • Relevant work experience and business skills on his / her side
  • Contribute to the cultural or athletic life of Canada
  • Enough funds to sustain in Canada
  • A solid business idea to support his business

What are the requirements of an Immigrant Investor Program?

For an immigrant Investor program, the candidate needs to prove that he has business experience and a net worth of at least 1, 600,000 $ CAD which is lawfully gained and you will be able to invest at least $800,000 $ CAD in Canada. The CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) will return your investment in five years and here months but without any interest.

For Mexican and American entrepreneurs, there is a NAFTA investor program which helps them to come to Canada and develop and direct a business.


Immigration is a legal step thus it is best if you have a mentor or guide on your side to help you with the immigration proceedings. Nationwide Immigration Services will ensure that you file your application properly with the help of experts who will have through knowledge of processing, documentation and filing of the applications. To speak to our experts, you can call us at 011-461-77777 or you can also write to us at

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