Express Entry Gets Closer to Reaching its 2018 ITA Target With Massive October Draws

ITA Target With Massive October Draws 2018 - Express Entry Program

October 2018 was a big month for Canada immigration with the CIC setting a record number of ITAs issued to applicants. The draws have been increasing consistently in size thanks to the CIC wanting to catch up to its immigration goal for 2018. This has resulted in more draws than ever before and a promising trend for all Canada immigration applicants.

October 2018 saw more than twice the number of ITAs issued over October 2017. The CIC sent out 11,700 ITAs in the month as opposed to the 5,558 ITAs it had issued in October last year. This massive ITA issue made over the course of 3 draws all held in October this year has left the CIC only 11, 823 ITAs short of it’s 2018 goal.

What is the Canada Express Entry Program?

The Express Entry system operates at the national federal level in Canada and is responsible for offering three major immigration routes. These are – Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, and Canadian Experience Class.

Based on a specific set of attributes like age, language ability, education, work experience etc. applicants are given a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. This score is then used to rank applicants and the given them ITAs based on the rank through regular draws.

Since only approximately 12,000 ITAs are left from the target and two months are still remaining, the total number of ITAs issued this year can exceed the target as well. However, this will only be possible if the CIC continues to hold regular draws across the remaining months.


What Does 2019 Hold for Canada Immigration?

Canada is currently pursuing its multi-year program wherein it is set to increase the ITA limit each year. Following this program, the number of ITAs to be issued in 2019 has been set at 81,400. This will be followed by the target increasing to 85,800 by 2020 and 88,800 by 2021. Originally, the multi-year program now in place was only meant to be pursued till 2020. However, now the plan has been updated to include 2021 as well.

The Federal Express Entry program will be featuring heavily in the number of immigrations into the country each year. Along with the PNP program, it accounts for over 44 percent of all immigration into the nation. If we consider additional immigration pathways along with the Federal Express Entry program and the PNP, then they account for 60 percent of the immigration numbers each year.

What Role Will Ontario Play in the Next Draws?

Ontario is the most populous and most popular province in Canada for immigration. Naturally, the number of ITAs issued by the province have been increasing steadily as the multi-year program has grown. This is directly seen in the number of ITAs the OINP or Ontario Immigration Nomination Program has issued this year. With November and December still left, the OINP has already issued 6,600 ITAs so far.

It is interesting to note that this is a 10% increase over its ITAs issued in 2017 when it issued 6,000 ITAs. Another important bit of statistics is that 95% of all ITAs issued for Ontario have come through the Express Entry program. This means 6,411 out of 6,600 ITAs this year were issued through the Express Entry immigration pathway.

Also, it is likely that the eventual number of ITAs issued this year would go beyond the 6,600 mark since Ontario has said it will continue to consider applications. All of this indicates that more and more ITAs will be issued in subsequent draws and candidates with a sufficient CRS score can expect to get selected after the usual processing time.

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