Canada a better option for tech talent around the world to move to

Different Canada immigration options for tech talent around the world 

A recent US media report from CGTN America highlights the emergence of Canada as a destination of choice for tech workers around the world amid immigration restrictions imposed by the US government.

Indeed, Canada has made a concerted effort to attract more workers to its shores to meet the needs of its thriving tech industry. As such, there are over 100 different options for tech workers who wish to obtain permanent residence or work permits in Canada.

Immigration pathway for Tech-skilled workers

Canada has more than 100 skilled worker pathways for people seeking permanent residence.

Express Entry

Express Entry is the primary way for these people to apply for Canadian immigration. Applicants submit their profiles free of charge to the IRCC website. IRCC assigns them a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score based on their human capital criteria. These criteria include the candidate’s age, education, language skills, and work experience.

Every two weeks, IRCC holds Express Entry draws to invite applicants with the highest CRS scores to apply for permanent residence.

Express Entry draws have remained a constant throughout the pandemic as Canada sticks to its 2020-2022 immigration levels plan despite the coronavirus.

Express Entry draws have increased and IRCC recently held its second-largest Express Entry draws.

Applicants from outside Canada continue to be successful under Express Entry despite the pandemic as IRCC aims to facilitate their immigration to Canada once the global crisis begins to subside.

Given Canada’s pressing need for tech workers, as well as the high CRS scores tech workers, tend to achieve, tech workers are the primary source of successful applicants under Express Entry.

Provincial Nominee Program

The second most important option for tech workers who wish to immigrate to Canada is the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

The provinces and territories of Canada have the constitutional authority to select immigrants who meet their local economic needs.

Individuals can apply directly to a PNP stream or be invited to apply to a PNP by submitting an Express Entry profile to IRCC. Obtaining an invitation from a province ensures that a person will receive an Express Entry invitation to apply for permanent residence.

Many provinces have dedicated PNP feeds for tech workers. Saskatchewan recently held a raffle for tech workers, while British Columbia and Ontario have held numerous tech raffles since the start of the pandemic.

Start-up Visa

IRCC also manages the startup visa program.

The SUV is a route for innovative entrepreneurs who want to start a business in Canada. It largely attracts technological talent and has grown in importance in recent years. Successful applicants must be supported by an angel investor, venture capital firm, or business incubator designated by IRCC. Once the approval letter is obtained, the successful candidate can submit their application for permanent residence.

Other immigration option – Canada Work Permit

Canada also offers dozens of pathways for tech talent who need a work visa.

Temporary foreign workers are mostly exempt from Canada’s coronavirus travel restrictions.

The Global Talent Stream has become a top option for tech workers in recent years.

It speeds up the processing time for obtaining a work permit to around four weeks in total.

Canada makes it much easier for Canadian employers to recruit highly skilled talent through the Global Talent Stream.

Since its launch in 2017, the Global Talent Stream has helped facilitate the arrival of an additional 40,000 technicians in Canada.

One of the advantages of coming to Canada through a work visa is that it can help increase the chances of people eventually seeking permanent residence in Canada. Gaining Canadian work experience gives immigrant applicants additional points and more options under Express Entry and PNP.

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