Canada Voted the Best Country for Immigration and Investment

In an online interview conducted for the adults above the age of 18 years residing in total of 20 countries, Canada was ranked third out of 50 countries around the world on Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index. A total 20,035 interviews were taken that sees people awards the Canadian brand one of the best in the world.

Out of six categories that were used to rank the countries, Canada was placed first in three categories:

  • Immigration & Investment
  • People
  • Government

Also, the only country in top five that improved ranking in the factors: Culture, Tourism, and Governance.

Under the Immigration & Investment categories, the score was awarded based on following five composite attributes:

  • Work and Live
  • Quality of Life
  • Educational Qualifications
  • Invest in Business
  • Equality in Society

In a statement released by, Vadim Valos, spokesperson for lead research, he stated “The Immigration and Investment Index evaluates a country’s power to attract talent and capital. It is not measured not only by whether people would consider studying, working, or living in that country, but also by perceptions of country’s economic prosperity, equality of opportunity, and ultimately whether it is perceived to be a place with a high quality of life”.

Of the total person given the interview, Canada was considered the following by them:

  • Friendly (39%)
  • Trustworthy (30%)
  • Happy (29%)
  • Generous (19%)

“Seldom does a nation team earn a ranking within the top five on overall [National Brand Index] without consistency in its image,” statement from Volos’ research team said which further added “A Nation Brand (or a reputation) is not built overnight”.

Canada PR Visa – Best Possible way to move to Canada

To move to Canada in order to live, work or study, immigrants are required to apply for the PR Visa. Canada PR Visa allows its holder to the same for the duration of five years and allows them to live anywhere in Canada. Canada PR holder has all the same rights as a Canadian Citizen with only two exceptions:

  • Cannot get the Right to Vote
  • Cannot apply for jobs that require high-security clearance

Pathway to Canada PR Visa

Some of the immigration programs for skilled immigrants to apply for Canada PR Visa are as follows:

Each immigration program for Canada PR Visa has different requirements and processes to apply, thus allowing the immigrants with different skill-sets to apply for Canada PR Visa.

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