#4 Important Tips for Getting Canada PR in 2019

Important tips for getting Canada PR in 2019

After another record-breaking year for the maximum number of invitations issued in the single year 2019 under express entry program – 89,800 invitations, Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is gearing up for another record-breaking year – 2019.

Lowest CRS score for the year ending 2018 was 439 points. With IRCC aiming for more invitations next year they had to have more express draws next year which means less interval between them which will lead to low CRS score cut-off. In simple term next year will have more number of invitations with less CRS score cut-off.

Year 2019, is going to be a very big year for the immigrants who want to immigrate to Canada as a permanent residence and want to live and work in the country. Canada has over 60 plus immigration program for immigrants to apply under. Now, for someone who is looking for immigrating to Canada and applying for Canada PR there are some tips and tricks that will help them to achieve their dream to move to Canada:

  1. Need to know the basic details of immigration process – Before starting your immigration to Canada, immigrants’ needs to have the basic details about the immigration program they are applying under. Eligibility criteria, documents requirements, application processing time etc. all the basic things that are mandatory under the immigration programs. To know all about the immigration program that will be best suited for the applicant, candidates must consult an immigration consultant with experienced consultants that can help you to know all the details about the immigration process.
  2. Sorting out your Documents – Getting the entire required document sorted out in the correct manner is a very vital part of the immigration process. If the candidate provides with any wrong information in the documents or gets any document get wrong the whole application can get rejected. There are some basic set of documents that are required in every immigration programs and they are as follows:
    1. Medical Certification
    2. Police Clearance Certificate
    3. IELTS test score
    4. Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)
  3. Check your score – Since when the Canadian government has changed their immigration selection criteria to the point-based system, it is very easy to calculate their eligibility points beforehand. With this immigrants can check under which immigration program they are eligible to apply for. Two of the most popular program for getting a Canada PR: Express Entry Program and Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) both are point based programs. Immigrants can check their beforehand and can apply under the program which is best suited for them.
  4. Selecting the Best Immigration Program – Some of the major immigration programs to apply for Canada PR are as follows:
    1. Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
    2. Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
    3. Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
    4. Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)
    5. Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) & etc.

Immigrants have to choose the right immigration program for which they are eligible and are best suited according to their skill sets.

Most important step for immigrating to Canada is to select the best immigration consultant that can help you to strategize the action plan for achieving your dream to move to Canada. Moving to a whole new country is a very big step in one’s life that affects all the aspects of one personal life as well as professional life. In making such a decision you need a consultant that will not only help you on moving to a new country and will also help you in settling in that country that includes all the post landing services.

Nationwide Immigration Visa is the best immigration consultant when it comes to moving to Canada. With 11 years of experience in the immigration field and over 10,000 successful application processed, we are on the top when it comes to having a fully satisfied and happy client that has lifetime relation with us. With our experienced consultants we have implemented specially designed service packages that meet the specific requirements of our clients. Nationwide visas have a team of ICCRC accredited lawyers who can help in the legal aspects of the Canadian immigration services. Our team at nationwide visas believes in going an extra mile to help our clients in every way possible and help you to move to Canada.

If you are looking for moving to Canada in 2019 and fulfill your dream it is high time that you came in contact with our experienced consultants at Nationwide Visas the Best Immigration Consultant in India.

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