What Will the Express Entry Next Draw Be Like and When Should You Apply for Canada PR?

Express Entry Next Draw Be Like

The Canadian Express Entry Draw was held recently and it was one of the biggest draws ever. In total, 3,900 ITAs were issued by the CIC to applicants from all over the world. Canada has been striding towards its goal of inviting 80,000+ applicants. And with the recent draw, it achieved its goal.

However, merely inviting 80,000+ skilled workers is not going to be enough for Canada. At present, there is a great demand for skilled workers in the country. So, it is very likely that even though the CIC has reached its immigration limit, it will continue to issue ITAs to applicants.

With that said, if you have not applied for Canada immigration as a PR by now, you really should get to it. On average, it can take up to 6 months or more to get approved with your profile. After that you will need to wait for the Express Entry Draw. So, if you apply now, then you can expect to get selected by the middle of next year or a little later.

For those who have applied already, the next draw is something to watch out for because it will show the CIC’s approach for the rest of this year. There is a fair bit of debate among Canada immigration experts over this matter. Let us tell you what the two main points of view are:

The Two Ways in Which the Next Express Entry Draws Can Play Out

Consider that the immigration limit for this year has already been reached, there are basically two situations which can result from the next draws:

1) The Number of ITAs Issued Per Draw Remains the Same

When Canada announced its multi-year program last year, it said it will invite 525,000 professionals through skilled worker categories by 2020. However, for each year, its ITA limit has remained around 80,000. This means that at best, Canada will only be able to fulfill half of its actual requirement for skilled professionals. Meanwhile, the overall demand for such professionals is growing steadily.

All of this can be translated to mean that Canada will have to expand its ITA limit in each year to meet its quota. Further, this will also be impacted by the demand for professionals in certain skills. So, it is quite possible that there will be special ITAs issued for specific professions as well.

At the same time, PNPs also have their own specific quotas to meet and there is some gap between the PNP limit and the number of nominations already issued. So, it is quite possible that the CIC will continue to invite people to Canada even as it exceeds the limit it had set originally.

2) The Number of ITAs Issued Per Draw Is Reduced

Given that the CIC has already achieved its immigration requirements for this year, it is possible that it can reduce the number of ITAs it is going to issue for the remaining draws this year. Despite the fact that the demand for professionals is growing, the CIC may not want to appear too eager to invite applicants.

The fact is that if Canada invites too many people at the same time, then there might be an oversaturation of skilled workers. All the professionals who immigrate will need some time to settle into their jobs and the overall labor market demand might change as a result. Also, it would be difficult if new PR immigrants were unable to be integrated into their appropriate industries.

So, the CIC might decide to reduce the number of ITAs issued in the next draws. However, there is no doubt that if this is done, then the overall demand for skilled workers over the next 24 months will increase quite a bit. As a result, the CIC will have to compensate by increasing the number of ITAs for each Draw over the next two years.

On the whole, it seems like the number of ITAs will be increasing steadily to meet the demand and also meet the target for immigration set by the CIC. That is why this is a good time to apply for Canada immigration.

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