Employment Opportunities for Web Designers and Web Developers in Canada

Canada PR for Web Developer & Web Designer

“Because there is a high demand of web developers and web designers the salaries in the field are very competitive and can go as high as 61,000 $ CAD and if you have talent and skills on your side then in some cases even more than that. For a talented person in the field of web designers and developers, sky is the limit.”


Canada has a huge demand of skilled and young workers and there are ample of opportunities for a vibrant profession like that of web designer and developer. It is one of the fastest growing profession in Canada and the internet has opened up many prospects in this line of work. There are certified and diploma programs as well which are available and they can help the candidate build the skills in building and maintaining of website helping the candidate to immigrate to Canada seamlessly.


What are the employment opportunities for Web designers and Web developers in Canada?

A web designer and developer is responsible for creation, development and maintenance of a company’s website. The hours and expectations of a web designer can vary but when they are working on a project then the hours can vary as well. Further, in this profession some travel may be required as per the size and resources of the company. Some of the companies ask for at least three years of experience in a web designer and the portfolio of the candidate is always crosschecked. The proficiency in multiple programs is also expected like HTML and coding so that the candidate can write, modify and debug software for websites. There are ample of Job prospects in this field and the median salary starts from 46926 $ CAD to 61,000 $ CAD and with their talent and skills people move on to high positions very early in this field. Location of the candidates also affects the salary of the candidates to major extent thus the province should be chosen wisely where the profession of web developer and designers is in huge demand. Moreover, there are ample of opportunities in Canada with big shot companies like Egg Media, Sayenko design and Kinex Media among many others.


How can a Web developer apply for the permanent residency (PR) status of Canada?

The procedure for the application of the web developer for a permanent residency(PR) status of Canada is same just like in any other profession and the aspirant can choose any one of the three most popular programs – Express Entry Program, Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)and Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP).

For a professional with skills and expertise on his side the best way to immigrate to Canada is through Federal Skilled Workers Program(FSWP) which is a sub category of the Express Entry Program and is meant to help the skilled candidates immigrate to Canada. It is also the fastest and the quickest way to immigrate to Canada through which the candidates can immigrate to Canada in 6 months or even less in some cases as claimed by the IRCC (Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada).

The candidates can also apply through Provincial Nominee Program(PNP) and can choose the province best suited for his / her profession. In the case of a web developer the best provinces for the applicant are – Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta Directly, applying to the province which has immense growth prospects increases the chances of immigration and also employment fir the candidate.


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